Friday, 13 November 2015

Splish, Splash, Splosh

What an exciting couple of days we have had in the pool this week.

Ask us about...
  • the help position
  • the huddle
  • the chain
  • and the line or the train 
... four important ways to keep warm and safe as a group in the water if an emergency arises.

We have had a fun time in the pool with our life jackets and blowing bubbles.  

Our goal today was to "submerge" our faces into the water and blow bubbles.  We practised the "help" position in the pool.

We had so much fun.... our last activity was to swim through a hoop and jump off the ladder to our fabulous swimming instructors.

We can't wait for more swimming next week.

Remember to pack togs and towels for swimming each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks.